[ClusterLabs] Problem with stonith and starting services

Cesar Hernandez c.hernandez at medlabmg.com
Tue Jul 4 09:28:29 EDT 2017

> Agreed, I don't think it's multicast vs unicast.
> I can't see from this what's going wrong. Possibly node1 is trying to
> re-fence node2 when it comes back. Check that the fencing resources are
> configured correctly, and check whether node1 sees the first fencing
> succeed.

Thanks. Checked fencing resource and it always returns, it's a custom script I used on other installations and it always worked.
I think the clue are the two messages that appear when it fails:

Jul  3 09:07:04 node2 pacemakerd[597]:  warning: The crmd process (608) can no longer be respawned, shutting the cluster down.
Jul  3 09:07:04 node2 crmd[608]:     crit: We were allegedly just fenced by node1 for node1!

Anyone knows what are they related to? Seems not to be much information on the Internet


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