[ClusterLabs] LVM resource and DAS - would two resources off one DAS...

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 27 09:05:38 EDT 2017

hi fellas

I realise this might be quite specialized topic, as this 
regards hardware DAS(sas2) and LVM and cluster itself but 
I'm hoping with some luck an expert peeps over here and I'll 
get some or all the answers then.

Can cluster manage two(or more) LVM resources which would be 
on/in same single DAS storage and have these resources(eg. 
one LVM runs on 1&2 the other LVM runs on 3&4) run on 
different nodes(which naturally all connect to that single DAS)?

Now, I guess this might be something many do already and 
many will say: trivial. In which case a few firm "yes" 
confirmations will mean - typical, just do it.
Or could it be something unusual and untested but 
might/should work when done with care and special "preparation"?

I understand that lots depends on what/how harwdare+kernel 
do things, but if possible(?) I'd leave it out for now and 
ask only the cluster itself - do you do it?

many thanks.

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