[ClusterLabs] stonith disabled, but pacemaker tries to reboot

Daniel.L lasceen at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 04:46:27 EDT 2017

Hi Pacemaker Users,

We have a 2 node pacemaker cluster (v1.1.14).
Stonith at this moment is disabled:

$ pcs property --all | grep stonith
stonith-action: reboot
stonith-enabled: false
stonith-timeout: 60s
stonith-watchdog-timeout: (null)

$ pcs property --all | grep fenc
startup-fencing: true

But when there is a network outage - it looks like pacemaker tries to
restart the other node:

fence_pcmk[5739]: Requesting Pacemaker fence *node1* (reset)
stonith-ng[31022]:   notice: Client stonith_admin.cman.xxx.xxxxxxxx wants
to fence (reboot) '*node1*' with device '(any)'
stonith-ng[31022]:   notice: Initiating remote operation reboot for
*node1*: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(0)
stonith-ng[31022]:   notice: Couldn't find anyone to fence (reboot) *node1*
with any device
stonith-ng[31022]:   error: Operation reboot of *node1* by <no-one> for
stonith_admin.cman.xxxx at xxxxxxxxxxx: No such device
crmd[31026]:   notice: Peer *node1* was not terminated (reboot) by <anyone>
for *node2*: No such device (ref=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0) by client

I'm looking into it for quite a while already, but to be honest - still
dont understand this behavior...
I would expect pacemaker not to try to reboot other node if stonith is
Can anyone help to understand this behavior ? (and hopefully help to avoid
those reboot attempts )

Many thanks in advance!

best regards
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