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It's that time of year again, folks!  Please everyone go submit talks,
or at least plan to attend this most excellent of F/OSS conferences.

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Sydney are open!
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On behalf of the LCA2018 team we are pleased to announce that the Call
for Proposals for linux.conf.au 2018 is now open! This Call for
Proposals will close on August 6 with no extensions expected.

linux.conf.au is one of the best-known community driven Free and Open
Source Software conferences in the world. In 2018 we welcome you to join
us in Sydney, New South Wales on Monday 22 January through to Friday 26

For full details including those not covered by this announcement visit


* Call for Proposals Opens: 3 July 2017
* Call for Proposals Closes: 6 August 2017 (no extensions)
* Notifications from the programme committee: mid-September 2017
* Conference Opens: 22nd January 2018


Create an account at https://login.linux.conf.au/manage/public/newuser
Visit https://linux.conf.au/proposals and click the link to submit your


linux.conf.au is a conference where people gather to learn about the
entire world of Free and Open Source Software, directly from the people
who shape the projects and topics that they’re presenting on.

Our aim is to create a deeply technical conference made up of industry
leaders and experts on a wide range of subjects.

linux.conf.au welcomes submissions first-time and seasoned speakers from
all free and open technology communities and all walks of life. We
respect and encourage diversity at our conference.


The theme for linux.conf.au 2018 is “A Little Bit Of History Repeating”.
Building on last year’s theme of “The Future of Open Source”, we intend
to examine the future through the lens of the past.

For some suggestions to get you started with your proposal ideas please
visit the linux.conf.au website.


We’re accepting submissions for three different types of proposal:

* Presentation (45 minutes): These are generally presented in lecture
format and form the bulk of the available conference slots.
* Tutorial (100 minutes): These are generally presented in a classroom
format. They should be interactive or hands-on in nature. Tutorials are
expected to have a specific learning outcome for attendees.
* Miniconf (full-day): Single-track mini-conferences that run for the
duration of a day on either Monday or Tuesday. We provide the room, and
you provide the speakers. Together, you can explore a field in Free and
Open Source software in depth.


In recognition of the value that presenters and organisers bring to our
conference, once a proposal is accepted, one presenter or organiser per
proposal is entitled to:

* Free registration, which holds all of the benefits of a Professional
Delegate Ticket
* A complimentary ticket to the Speakers' Dinner for the speaker, with
additional tickets for significant others and children of the speaker
available for purchase.
* Optionally, recognition as a Fairy Penguin Sponsor, available at 50%
off the advertised price

If your proposal includes more than one presenter or organiser, these
additional people will be entitled to:

* Professional or hobbyist registration at the Early Bird rate,
regardless of whether the Early Bird rate is generally available
* Speakers’ dinner tickets available for purchase at cost

Important Note for miniconf organisers: These discounts apply to the
organisers only. All participants in your miniconf must arrange or
purchase tickets for themselves via the regular ticket sales process or
they may not be able to attend!

As a volunteer-run non-profit conference, linux.conf.au does not pay
speakers to present at the conference; but you may be eligible for
financial assistance.


linux.conf.au is able to provide limited financial assistance for some

Financial assistance may be provided to cover expenses that might
otherwise prohibit a speaker from attending such as:
Cost of flight
Other accessibility related costs

To be considered for assistance you can indicate this when making your
proposal. We will try to accommodate as many requests for assistance as
possible within our limited budget.


linux.conf.au aims to be accommodating to everyone who wants to attend
or present at the conference. We recognise that some people face
accessibility challenges. If you have special accessibility
requirements, you can provide that information when submitting your
proposal so that we can plan to properly accommodate you.


By agreeing to present at or attend the conference you are agreeing to
abide by the terms and conditions
(https://linux.conf.au/attend/terms-and-conditions/index.html). We
require all speakers and delegates to have read, understood, and act
according to the standards set forth in our Code of Conduct


To increase the number of people that can view your presentation,
linux.conf.au will record your talk and make it publicly available after
the event. We plan to release recordings of every talk at the conference
under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Licence. When submitting your
proposal you may note that you do not wish to have your talk released.


If the subject of your presentation is a software project, you must
ensure the software has an Open Source Initiative-approved licence at
the time of the close of our CFP.

Bruce Crawley
Conference Director


James Polley
Conference Co-Director
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