[ClusterLabs] Can't create a resource for ocf:heartbeat:oracle and oraclsnr.

Jihed M'selmi jihed.mselmi at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 17:15:40 EST 2017

I tried to install two resources: a resource for oracle database and oracle
listener: but the pcmk can't install the resource (red hat 7.3) usint hte
ocf:heartbeat:oracle and oraclsnr

On the log,ti shows that the sqlplus was not installed.

I installed it, but, I keep getting the same message and the resources were
not installed.

Is there any requirement to use OCF:HEARTBEAT:ORACLE and ORACLSNR ?

In my resource group,  I have One rsc for IP, Three rsc for filesystems
where I have the oracle binary, db and backup and I should have Two more
rsc for database and listener.

​Could anyone share how to configure a peacemaker and corosync to host an
Oracle database on two nodes ? (or more).

Thanks in advance.
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