[ClusterLabs] Colocations and Orders Syntax Changed?

Eric Robinson eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Wed Jan 18 23:08:02 EST 2017


I have a lot of pacemaker clusters, each running multiple instances of mysql.  I configure it so that the mysql resources are all dependent on an underlying stack of supporting resources which consists of a virtual IP address (p_vip), a filesystem (p_fs), often an LVM resource (p_lvm), and a drbd resource (p_drbd). If any resource in the underlying stack resource moves, then all of them move together and the mysql resources follow. However, each of the mysql resources can be stopped and started independently without impacting any other resources. I accomplish that with a configuration such as the following:

colocation c_clust10 inf: ( p_mysql_103 p_mysql_150 p_mysql_204 p_mysql_206 p_mysql_244 p_mysql_247 ) p_vip_clust10 p_fs_clust10 ms_drbd0:Master
order o_clust10 inf: ms_drbd0:promote p_fs_clust10 p_vip_clust10 ( p p_mysql_103 p_mysql_150 p_mysql_204 p_mysql_206 p_mysql_244 p_mysql_247)

This has suddenly stopped working. On my newest cluster I have the following. When I try to use the same approach, the configuration gets rearranged on me automatically. The parentheses get moved. Often each of the underlying resources is changed to the same thing with ":Master" following. Sometimes the whole colocation stanza gets replaced with raw xml. I have messed around with it, and the following is the best I can come up with, but when I stop a mysql resource everything else stops!

colocation c_clust19 inf: ( p_mysql_057 p_mysql_092 p_mysql_187 p_mysql_213 p_vip_clust19 p_mysql_702 p_mysql_743 p_fs_clust19 p_lv_on_drbd0 ) ( ms_drbd0:Master )
order o_clust19 inf: ms_drbd0:promote ( p_lv_on_drbd0:start ) ( p_fs_clust19 p_vip_clust19 ) ( p_mysql_057 p_mysql_092 p_mysql_187 p_mysql_213 p_mysql_702 p_mysql_743 )

The old cluster is running Pacemaker 1.1.10. The new one is running 1.1.12.

What can I do to get it running right again? I want all the underlying resources (vip, fs, lvm, drbd) to move together. I want the mysql instances to be collocated with the underlying resources, but I want them to be independent of each other so they can each be started and stopped without hurting anything.

Eric Robinson

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