[ClusterLabs] just some basics

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 12 12:53:59 EST 2017

hi everyone,

I'm going through some introductory stuff, reading about it 
all and one, ok, a few questions come to mind.
I was hoping, before I find answers somewhere at end of the 
docs someone here could quickly clarify:

It is one cluster per node, right? Not like, that a cluster 
is denominated by hostname/IP and if a node has multiple 
netIFs/IPs one could have multiple clusters (on that node) 
as long as these use only unique node's netIF/IP ?

Would relying on IP type of resources only be safe? I'd 
imagine there are some services/apps that, (when use 
shared/distributed storage) without user interacting with 
them do not need to be off (because do not lock/access 
anything) and user could not (obviously) interact when that 
IP is being off on a node.

These two questions I form having assumed that it's the 
nodes/machines that are monitored and are declared 
un/available(those IPs of nodes) and resources are simply 
targets for an action the cluster would perform, and have 
nothing to do with "un/available" decision making process - 
or - I've got it wrong and should keep on reading(regardless 
probably :)) ?

many thanks,

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