[ClusterLabs] MariaDB master-slave with Semi-Synchronous & GTID

Nils Carlson nils.carlson at ludd.ltu.se
Sun Feb 12 18:33:27 EST 2017

On 02/11/2017 02:42 PM, Nils Carlson wrote:

> Hi,
> I am looking into setting up MariaDB with semi-synchronous replication 
> and GTID. I am wondering if anyone has experience with this setup?
> The mysql resource-agent doesn't seem to deal with either GTID or 
> semi-synchronous replication, but might work anyway as these can 
> probably be set up outside the resource agent from what I can see. But 
> all help, pointers and experiences most welcome.
Answering myself, I tried the mysql resource agent, and it didn't work 
out of the box.
Looking through it I realised it was trying to do far more things than 
are needed with a modern MariaDB
setup. I took the time to write a new resource agent based on the mysql one:


With instructions here:


More cleanup seems possible and also improvements. Using global 
transaction IDs we should be able to detect, when starting the cluster, 
which slave is most up-to-date and use this one as master. We could also 
probably start replicating in a pre-notify instead of a post-notify.

I haven't tested this with synchronous replication yet.


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