[ClusterLabs] Failed reload

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Thu Feb 9 11:08:38 EST 2017

On 02/08/2017 02:15 AM, Ferenc Wágner wrote:
> Hi,
> There was an interesting discussion on this list about "Doing reload
> right" last July (which I still haven't digested entirely).  Now I've
> got a related question about the current and intented behavior: what
> happens if a reload operation fails?  I found some suggestions in
> http://ocf.community.tummy.narkive.com/RngPlNfz/adding-reload-to-the-ocf-specification,
> from 11 years back, and the question wasn't clear cut at all.  Now I'm
> contemplating adding best-effort reloads to an RA, but not sure what
> behavior I can expect and depend on in the long run.  I'd be grateful
> for your insights.

Seeing this, it occurs to me that commit messages should have links to
relevant mailing list threads, it makes the reason for various choices
so much clearer :-)

As with any operation, a reload failure should be handled according to
its exit code and its on-fail attribute. (Well, any operation except
notify, as became apparent in another recent thread.)

By default, that means a restart (stop then start).

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