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ivagal at libero.it ivagal at libero.it
Tue Feb 28 11:48:23 EST 2017

Sorry, I didn't provide all information.
Before start or stop all resources, I'm going to create a list of primitives 
by quering cluster.
The list of primitives has not any order. After this, i submit the command to 
enable or disable primitives.

At the start-up of resources the constraint is working properly, also if the 
resource in the list is, for example, MYFTP.
So the cluster starts MYIP_1 MYIP_2 MYFTP MYIP_5 then start MYIP_3 MYIP_4 

The problem occurs when i submit the stop command.
If the firt primitive in the list is again MYFTP, then the cluster stops 
MYFTP. Then it stops MYIP_2, MYIP_1, MYIP_5, MYSMTP, MYIP_4, MYIP_3, instead of 

With symmetrical=true and kind=Mandatory when i submit stop for example of 
MYFTP primitive with all resources enabled, the cluster stops also MYIP_5, 

With symmetrical=true and kind=Optional when i submit start or stop of the 
primitives reading from the list, the cluster enable or disable the resources 
without respecting ordering constraint

Thanks and regards


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>Data: 27/02/2017 19.16
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>Ogg: Re: R: Re: [ClusterLabs] Ordering Sets of Resources
>On 02/26/2017 02:45 PM, ivagal at libero.it wrote:
>> Hi,
>> yes, I want, with active resources, that I can turn them off individually.
>> With symmetrical=true when i stop a resource, for example MYIP_4, also 
>> will stop.
>> Ragards
>> Ivan
>I thought that was the goal, to ensure that things are stopped in order.
>If your goal is to start and stop them in order *if* they're both
>starting or stopping, but not *require* it, then you want kind=Optional
>instead of Mandatory.
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>>> Da: "Ken Gaillot" <kgaillot at redhat.com>
>>> Data: 26/02/2017 20.04
>>> A: <users at clusterlabs.org>
>>> Ogg: Re: [ClusterLabs] Ordering Sets of Resources
>>> On 02/25/2017 03:35 PM, ivagal at libero.it wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> i have configured a two node cluster on redhat 7.
>>>> Because I need to manage resources stopping and starting singularly when
>>>> they are running I have configured cluster using order set constraints.
>>>> Here the example
>>>> Ordering Constraints:
>>>>   Resource Sets:
>>>>     set MYIP_1 MYIP_2 MYFTP MYIP_5 action=start sequential=false
>>>> require-all=true set MYIP_3 MYIP_4 MYSMTP action=start sequential=true
>>>> require-all=true setoptions symmetrical=false
>>>>     set MYSMTP MYIP_4 MYIP_3 action=stop sequential=true
>>>> require-all=true set MYIP_5 MYFTP MYIP_2 MYIP_1 action=stop
>>>> sequential=true require-all=true setoptions symmetrical=false 
>> kind=Mandatory
>>>> The constrait work as expected on start but when stopping the resource
>>>> don't respect the order.
>>>> Any help is appreciated
>>>> Thank and regards
>>>> Ivan
>>> symmetrical=false means the order only applies for starting

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