[ClusterLabs] Adding a node to the cluster deployed with "Unicast configuration"

Alejandro Comisario alejandro at nubeliu.com
Wed Feb 22 09:44:03 EST 2017

Hi everyone, i have a problem when scaling a corosync/pacemaker
cluster deployed using unicast.

eg on corosync.conf.

nodelist {
node {
nodeid: 1
node {
nodeid: 2

Tried to add the new node with the new config (meaning, adding the new
node) nad leaving the other two with the same config and started
services on the third node, but doesnt seem to work until i update the
config on the server #1 and #2 and restart corosync/pacemaker which
does the obvious of bringing every resource down.

There should be a way to "hot add" a new node to the cluster, but i
dont seem to find one.
what is the best way to add a node without bothering the rest ? or
better said, what is the right way to do it ?

PS: i can't implement multicast on my network.

Alejandro Comisario

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