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Chad Cravens chad.cravens at ossys.com
Tue Feb 21 20:44:32 EST 2017

Hello fellow Cluster Geeks!

I'm having an issue with the standard Oracle RA script that I can't
understand why this is happening.

I create a Resource using the standard ocf:heartbeat:oracle script included
with a Pacemaker install. I do this through the web interface, so setting
the standard parameters for the Oracle install such as sid, home, user

The databases appear to start just fine, however at what appear to be
random intervals (every 5 mins to 8 hours) the Resource is just stopped and
started. There is no failover event, and the only constraints are a
preferred location constraint and an order constraint with a filesystem
resource to make sure that disks are mounted before the database starts.
That's it.

>From /var/log/messages all I get are the ocf_log messages when the stop()
method is invoked. There's nothing about a failed monitor() action. Just a
stop() is invoked on the resource which crashes our apps.

Any insight into what could be causing this sudden stopping of the
resource? Thanks for any help!

Kindest Regards,
Chad Cravens
(843) 291-8340

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