[ClusterLabs] Need help in setting up HA cluster for applications/services other than Apache tomcat.

vijay singh rathore vijayrathore.rjit88 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 08:22:29 EST 2017

Hi Team,

Good Morning everyone, hope you all are doing great.

First of all I would like to apologise, if I have created inconvenience for
team members by sending this mail.

I have a question and i have tried almost all possible forums and googled a
lot before reaching to this group for help.

I want to create HA cluster for applications/services which are not in
tomcat or related to Apache or MySQL. Let's say they are written in
different languages such as java, node js, c++, and deployed in certain
path i.e. /home/xyz

How can i add these applications for high availability in HA cluster using

If I have to create resource for these applications how to create and if i
have to use some other way, how can i implement it.

Requesting you to please provide me some suggestions or reference documents
or links or anything which can help me in completing this task and to test
fail over for these applications.

Thanks a lot in advance, have a great day and time ahead.

Best Regards
Vijay Singh
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