[ClusterLabs] SBD with shared block storage (and watchdog?)

durwin at mgtsciences.com durwin at mgtsciences.com
Mon Feb 13 12:34:02 EST 2017

I am working to get an active/active cluster running. 
I have Windows 10 running 2 Fedora 25 Virtualbox VMs.
VMs named node1, and node2.

I created a vdi disk and set it to shared.
I formatted it to gfs2 with this command.

mkfs.gfs2 -t msicluster:msigfs2 -j 2 /dev/sdb1

After installing 'dlm' and insuring guest additions were
installed, I was able to mount the gfs2 parition.

I then followed.


I used this command.

sbd -d /dev/sdb1 create

Using sbd to 'list' returns nothing, but 'dump' shows this.

fc25> sbd -d /dev/sdb1 dump
==Dumping header on disk /dev/sdb1
Header version     : 2.1
UUID               : 6094f0f4-2a07-47db-b4f7-6d478464d56a
Number of slots    : 255
Sector size        : 512
Timeout (watchdog) : 5
Timeout (allocate) : 2
Timeout (loop)     : 1
Timeout (msgwait)  : 10
==Header on disk /dev/sdb1 is dumped

I then tried the 'watch' command and journalctl shows error listed.

sbd -d /dev/sdb1 -W -P watch

Feb 13 09:54:09 node1 sbd[6908]:    error: watchdog_init: Cannot open 
watchdog device '/dev/watchdog': No such file or directory (2)
Feb 13 09:54:09 node1 sbd[6908]:  warning: cleanup_servant_by_pid: Servant 
for pcmk (pid: 6910) has terminated
Feb 13 09:54:09 node1 sbd[6908]:  warning: cleanup_servant_by_pid: Servant 
for /dev/sdb1 (pid: 6909) has terminated



I installed watchdog.

my /etc/sysconfig/sbd is.


the sbd-fun-and-profit says to use this command.

virsh edit vmnode

But there is no vmnode and no instructions on how to create it.

Is anyone able to piece together the missing steps?

Thank you.

Durwin F. De La Rue
Management Sciences, Inc.
6022 Constitution Ave. NE
Albuquerque, NM  87110
Phone (505) 255-8611

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