[ClusterLabs] resources management - redesign

Florin Portase portase.florin at medianetork.ro
Mon Feb 6 03:28:57 EST 2017


It seems pacemaker has a weird way to manage resource: 

And also it seems it's focusing more on defining individual resources
and not to much flexibility  for creating resource Groups 

Now, let's  take this example:  RG1 + deps [ fs1,fs2,fs3] = > ALL 3 file
system must be mounted before starting of  daemon 

1. RG = rg1 + following resources: fs1, fs2,fs3, ocf:heartbeat[my custom
systemd script] 

Ok, So i define the rg + fs1,fs2, ( by mistake heartbeat ), fs3 

So in this case RG1 will fail to start as the order of defining
resources instead of fs1, fs2,fs3, heartbeat is fs1, fs2,heartbea,fs3 

Now, what solution exists ?  export cib, edit cib and re-import cib;
what if  I will need a new fs:fs4, so what: export cib, create new
resource inside exported cib and re-import it. 

Well, this approach seems way to moronic; wouldn't be better when create
a resource to be able to specify resid, or  a much easier way to
manipulate resource order ??
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