[ClusterLabs] Manage Docker service and containers with pacemaker

Stephane Gaucher stf.gaucher at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 09:15:11 EST 2017

Hello I am completing a proof of concept.

Here are the facts:
An active / passive cluster.....Done
A drbd partition for exchanging files for different services....Done
A shared VIP between the two nodes....Done
The docker/containers are functional. I do not want to use docker swarm.
This is not the purpose of this message.

The services I develop are in the form of containers. I would like to be
able to control the docker service with pacemaker. The docker system
folders are on a drbd partition so available on the second node when it is

For the moment it works well, but I have to manually start the docker
service as well as the containers on the active node for the switch to be
effective. The server is in high availability in the hardly way.

So is it possible to create a directive that starts the docker service and
even the container by using pacemaker.

Thank you
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