[ClusterLabs] pacemaker pingd with ms drbd = double masters short time when disconnected networks.

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 07:08:52 EST 2017

15.12.2017 14:08, Прокопов Павел пишет:
>     stonith-enabled=false \
>     no-quorum-policy=ignore \
> Why pp-pacemaker2 first become a master? It breaks drdb.

Because you told it to behave this way. You told your cluster that
neither stonith nor quorum are required; so each node can go ahead and
assume it is the only one left and it has full control over all resources.

For pure 2 node cluster stonith is mandatory; there is no way to resolve
split brain without it.

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