[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker/Corosync on FreeBSD

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Mon Dec 4 17:53:05 EST 2017

Hello Alberto,

On 04/12/17 16:12 -0400, Alberto Mijares wrote:
> At this point, I need to know if someone is using pacemaker/corosync
> on FreeBSD. Is it a problem with crmsh only?

well, it's enough to have a look at which people develop these high
level tooling (crm, pcs) and you'll figure out that these are deeply
entrenched in linux world, and that's not by accident.  And by
definition of being sort of an assistants to guide the cluster
configuration, it's natural they try to prevent whatever
misconfigurations, even beyond pure cluster domain, they deem
important.  I think tailoring for whatever other platform is still
possible, but someone has to actually come up with patches and, even
better, offer an active maintenance of those bits going forward, as
they are not going to get proper attention otherwise, and unmaintained
chunks of conditionalized code are usually worse than none.

On the other hand, the stack's core should should play fairly well
with POSIX-leaning systems, so please, do not feel discouraged, you
can still setup corosync.conf by hand, use low level tools of
pacemaker like cibadmin (+ manual edit of the CIB configuration),
crm_resource and crm_mon, go this lesser convenient way (subject
of individual evaluation), and still be happy with that.

> If I configure everything by hand (no crmsh nor pcsd) should it
> work?

Definitely (and if not, we want to know).

Note that there are some apparent limitation outside of linux,
like no support for systemd-based services natively managed with
pacemaker, but that's to be expected, right?

Jan (Poki)
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