[ClusterLabs] [Announce] libqb 1.0.3 release

Christine Caulfield ccaulfie at redhat.com
Thu Dec 21 09:40:46 EST 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of libqb 1.0.3

Source code is available at:

This is mainly a bug-fix release to 1.0.2

Christine Caulfield (6):
tests: Fix signal handling in check_ipc.c
test: Disable test_max_dgram_size() test as it often breaks on CI
sign tarballs
config: Fix check for fdatasync
tests: make qb logging under check always dispose the memory
warnings cleanup: fix initialiser warning on RHEL7

Jan Pokorný (35):
Fix typos: in{ -> s}tance, d{e -> i}stinguished
Low: loop: don't bring runtime down for a trivial API misuse
Fix typo: repeat{ivi -> ed}ly
build: release.mk: simplify/generalize GPG signing rule
build: release.mk: fix no-release conflict (implied-required version)
build: release.mk: move soft guard for no GPG key up the supply chain
build: release.mk: simplify the default goal, declare .PHONY targets
build: release.mk: reflect current release publishing practice
Doc tweaking (#261)
Low hanging bits (#264)
Typo fix + qb blackbox(8) tweaks and extension + gitignore follow-up (#262)
log: use fdatasync instead of fsync where possible (#263)
maint: make -devel package dependency on the main package arch-qualified
Med: qblog.h: better explanation + behaviour of QB_LOG_INIT_DATA
build: configure: check section boundary symbols present in the test
tests: new sort of tests dubbed "functional", cover linker vs. logging
tests: add a script to generate callsite-heavy logging client...
Med: add extra run-time (client, libqb) checks that logging will work
High: bare fix for libqb logging not working with ld.bfd/binutils 2.29+
Low: fix internal object symbol's leak & expose run-time lib version
doc: qblog.h: syslog rarely appropriate for ordinary programs
doc: qblog.h: further logging setup related tweaks
build: release.mk: deal with trailing whitespace-to-comment-delimiter
warnings cleanup: log: Wextra -> Wimplicit-fallthrough (GCC7+)
warnings cleanup: Wshift-overflow: trigger arithmetic conv. to unsigned
maint: replace 0xffffffff constants with UNIT32_MAX
warnings cleanup: hdb+loop_timerlist: Wsign-compare: (canary?) variables
maint: array: avoid magic constants, expose some in the API
warnings cleanup: Wsign-compare: array: int32_t -> size_t
warnings cleanup: Wsign-compare: hdb: uint32_t <-> int32_t
warnings cleanup: Wsign-compare: log_format: int32_t -> size_t
warnings cleanup: Wformat: sign-correct PRIu32 specifiers as appropriate
warnings cleanup: Wunused-function: leave the test commented out
warnings cleanup: give up on some warning classes for now
maint: fix "make maintainer-clean" not working in tests/functional

Kazunori INOUE (1):
configure: define AS_VAR_COPY (#267)

Michael Jones (2):
Adds additional warnings
Adds no-format-nonliteral

jonesmz (1):
Point the link to the Linux kernel coding style document to the right
place (#256)

wferi (2):
Fix spelling: optvat -> optval (#270)
configure: bail out early if POSIX threads support is not detected (#272)

yann-morin-1998 (1):
configure: fix CLOCK_MONOTONIC check for cross-compilation (#269)

Please used the signed .tar.gz or .tar.xz files with the version number
in rather than the github-generated "Source Code" ones.

The documentation at github.io still shows 1.0.2. I'll get this fixed in
the new year as that build is still broken.

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