[ClusterLabs] corosync.conf token configuration

Adrián Gómez a.gomez at medlabmg.com
Tue Dec 19 08:18:59 EST 2017


I was wondering if someone have some description of the parameters: token, token_retransmits, token_retransmits_before_loss_const and consensus. I have read about it in the man page of corosync.conf but trying some configuration of the cluster I realized that I did not control when the new configuration or stonith was going to happened. I have tried corosync 1.X and 2.X in several virtual servers (debian-9). 


	# How long before declaring a token lost (ms)
	token: 20000

	# Consensus, time before token lost to stonith the server (ms)
	# consensus: 60000

	# Interval between tokens (ms)
	# token_retransmit: 10000

	# How many token retransmited before forming a new configuration
	token_retransmits_before_loss_const: 20

I expected to declare the token lost before 20s after the processor failed (for example, connection lost to the servers), then "token_retransmit_before_lost_const" should act (I don’t know how it works) and the stonith occurs 24s before the message of “new configuration” (default consensus = 1,2 * token -> 1,2 * 20s = 24s). In brief, the cluster is barely 44s awake without connection before reboot (stonith) is done, in contrast, I expect the parameter "token_retransmits_before_loss_const: 20” to delay the token lost whilel is trying to reconnect.
I am right?

On the other hand, If I use the parameter consensus, I can calculate exactly when the stonith is going to happen.

Please, if someone knows the answer I will appreciate any help.
Thank you

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