[ClusterLabs] Add SSH as a resource on pacemaker cluster - RHEL 7.4

Sreenath Reddy sreenath.yr at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 23:27:53 EST 2017

Hi There,

I am trying to add SSH as a resource within pacemaker cluster running on
RHEL 7.4 systems.
This is a 2 node cluster (Active/Passive) with simple FTP resources and a
cluster IP.

We have 2 SSH daemons. Admins are using a different SSH port (22220) for
remote access (ssh-admin is the service).

I want to add "default SSH service (sshd.service) running on port 22" to be
started as part of pacemaker cluster. And this service will be constrained
to clusterIP (floating IP).. In other words, SSH service will be active
only on the active node (in active on second node) and if the cluster
failover happens, SSH service will be started on the second node and
stopped on the first node. This way SSH will act as a probing service which
helps in keeping the floating IP active on the node which has cluster IP
assigned. Our SDN probes on port22 and activates the cluster IP.

I want to use nginx for doing this probing but client wants to use default

When I tried to add SSH resource using standard pcs resource create
command, it failed. Error below

pcs resource create SSHservice ocf:heartbeat:sshd
configfile=/etc/ssh/sshd_config op monitor interval=30s

Error: Agent ' ocf : heartbeat :ssh' is not installed or does not provide
valid metadata: Metadata query for ocf:heartbeat:ssh failed: -5 use --force
or override

Appreciate your help in configuring this issue.

Thanks in advance!

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