[ClusterLabs] pacemaker drbd resource speed

Vaggelis Papastavros psvaggelis at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 08:11:16 EST 2017

Dear friends ,

we have the following configuration setup ,

1. Corosync Cluster Engine, version 2.4.0

2. Pacemaker 0.9.152  under CentOS7 .

3. DRBD version 9.0.8

Everything is configured as clustered resource and is working fine.

I need to make some changes on the DRBD resource configuration file, the 
corresponding resource is also a pacemaker resource

(i.e., everything managed by pacemaker) .

Please help me the recommended order of the above changes without down 
time .

For example if i change the global_conf of DRDB configuration, what 
actions I need to make on the Pacemaker in order to reload the resource

with the updated values ?

Sincerely ,

Vaggelis Papastavros

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