[ClusterLabs] pacemaker with sbd fails to start if node reboots too fast.

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 13:19:40 EST 2017

30.11.2017 13:48, Gao,Yan пишет:
> On 11/22/2017 08:01 PM, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
>> SLES12 SP2 with pacemaker 1.1.15-21.1-e174ec8; two node cluster with
>> VM on VSphere using shared VMDK as SBD. During basic tests by killing
>> corosync and forcing STONITH pacemaker was not started after reboot.
>> In logs I see during boot
>> Nov 22 16:04:56 sapprod01s crmd[3151]:     crit: We were allegedly
>> just fenced by sapprod01p for sapprod01p
>> Nov 22 16:04:56 sapprod01s pacemakerd[3137]:  warning: The crmd
>> process (3151) can no longer be respawned,
>> Nov 22 16:04:56 sapprod01s pacemakerd[3137]:   notice: Shutting down
>> Pacemaker
>> SBD timeouts are 60s for watchdog and 120s for msgwait. It seems that
>> stonith with SBD always takes msgwait (at least, visually host is not
>> declared as OFFLINE until 120s passed). But VM rebots lightning fast
>> and is up and running long before timeout expires.
>> I think I have seen similar report already. Is it something that can
>> be fixed by SBD/pacemaker tuning?
> SBD_DELAY_START=yes in /etc/sysconfig/sbd is the solution.

I tried it (on openSUSE Tumbleweed which is what I have at hand, it has
SBD 1.3.0) and with SBD_DELAY_START=yes sbd does not appear to watch
disk at all. First, at startup no slot is allocated for a node at all
(confirmed with "sbd list"). I manually allocated slots for both nodes,
then I see that stonith agent does post "reboot" message (confirmed with
"sbd list" again) and sbd never reacts to it. Even after system reboot
message on disk is not cleared.

Removing SBD_DELAY_START and restarting pacemaker (with implicit SBD
restart) immediately cleared pending messages.

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