[ClusterLabs] ClusterLabs.Org Documentation Problem?

Eric Robinson eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Tue Aug 22 15:40:53 EDT 2017

The documentation located here...


...is confusing because it offers two combinations:

Pacemaker 1.0 for Corosync 1.x
Pacemaker 1.1 for Corosync 2.x

According to the documentation, if you use Corosync 1.x you need Pacemaker 1.0, but if you use Corosync 2.x then you need Pacemaker 1.1.

However, on my Centos 6.9 system, when I do 'yum install pacemaker corosync" I get the following versions:


What's the correct answer? Does Pacemaker 1.1.15 work with Corosync 1.4.7? If so, is the documentation at ClusterLabs misleading?

Eric Robinson

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