[ClusterLabs] verify status starts at 100% and stays there?

Eric Robinson eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Fri Aug 4 00:53:12 EDT 2017

I have drbd 9.0.8. I started an online verify, and immediately checked status, and I see...

ha11a:/ha01_mysql/trimtester # drbdadm status
ha01_mysql role:Primary
  ha11b role:Secondary
    replication:VerifyT peer-disk:UpToDate done:100.00

...which looks like it is finished, but the tail of dmesg says...

[336704.851209] drbd ha01_mysql/0 drbd0 ha11b: repl( Established -> VerifyT )
[336704.851244] drbd ha01_mysql/0 drbd0: Online Verify start sector: 0

...which looks like the verify is still in progress.

So is it done, or is it still in progress? Is this a drbd bug?

Eric Robinson

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