[ClusterLabs] Question about fence_mpath

Seth Reid sreid at vendini.com
Thu Apr 27 17:10:32 EDT 2017

> The man page talks about it
unique to each node (but you only create the STONITH object from one
> node, right?).

The key is unique to each node, but there is only on stonith object. For
fence_mpath, they are putting scsi keys on a shared stonith device.

It also says it has to be set in /etc/multipath.conf
> but then doesn't say how/where.

This is part of my multipath.conf that shows the key.
$ cat /etc/multipath.conf
defaults {
user_friendly_names yes
find_multipaths yes
reservation_key 33c50000

I am trying to set up a new cluster using fence_mpath.  I'm not sure
> what to use for the "key" value though.

I used the fence_scsi program, directly, to figure out the key when I
initially set up my clusters. With what I know now. I could make up a key.
Its a 8 character hex key. When you see it with mpath_persist, it will look
like 0x33c50000 (in the example above. It usually looks like that in the
logs, but don't put it like that in the config.
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