[ClusterLabs] Digest does not match

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Fri Apr 21 04:13:05 EDT 2017

> Hi folks,
> We have a lot of our two-node systems running in our server room.
> I noticed that some of them occasionally have this entries in the syslog:

So it is not happening regularly? Nodes sees each other?

Because if nodes sees each other it looks like bug in corosync crypto 
(or with very low probability some hw problem like broken cable).

Do you have a more concrete reproducer?


> Mar 15 12:54:45 A5-E4-151-bottom corosync[13766]: [TOTEM ] Digest does
> not match
> Mar 15 12:54:45 A5-E4-151-bottom corosync[13766]: [TOTEM ] Received
> message has invalid digest... ignoring.
> Mar 15 12:54:45 A5-E4-151-bottom corosync[13766]: [TOTEM ] Invalid packet data
> I am attaching corosync.conf which we use on all our systems.
> Each two-node system has a dedicated Ethernet interface for interconnection.
> And the two nodes are connected directly one to another using this
> interface without any switches.
> Based on that I assume there is no way this connection is exposed to
> outside world.
> What could be causing this issue?
> Thank you,
> Kostia
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