[ClusterLabs] cloned resources ordering and remote nodes problem

Radoslaw Garbacz radoslaw.garbacz at xtremedatainc.com
Thu Apr 13 09:49:07 EDT 2017

Thank you, however in my case this parameter does not change the described

I have a more detail example:
order: res_A-clone -> res_B-clone -> res_C
when "res_C" is not on the node, which had "res_A" instance failed, it will
not be restarted, only "res_A" and "res_B" all instances will.

I implemented a workaround by modifying "res_C" I made it also cloned, and
now it is restarted.

My Pacemaker 1.1.16-1.el6
System: CentOS 6


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