[ClusterLabs] reset of sticking service in peer node's reboot in Active/Passive configuration

石井 俊直 i_j_e_x_a at yahoo.co.jp
Sun Apr 30 06:32:49 EDT 2017


We have 2-node Active/Passive cluster each of which are CentOS7 and there are two cluster services,
one is ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 and the other is systemd based service. They have colocation constraint.
The configuration looks almost good so that they are normally running without problems.

When one of the OS reboots, there happens a thing we do not want to have, which is 5) of the following.
Suppose nodes are node-1 and node-2, cluster resource is running on node-1 and we reboot node-2.
Following is events sequence that happens.

  1) node-2 shutdowns
  2) node-1 detects node-2 is OFFLINE
  3) node-2 boots up
  4) node-1 detects node-2 is Online, node-2 detects both are Online
  5) cluster services running on node-1 Stops
  6) cluster services starts on node-1

6) is based on our configuration of resource-stickiness to be something like 100. In the case the service
does not move to node-2, we do not our service stopped even just for a while.

If someone knows how to configure pacemaker not to behave like 5), please let us know.

Thanks you.


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