[ClusterLabs] virtual machines as resources - monitor boot procedure

Lentes, Bernd bernd.lentes at helmholtz-muenchen.de
Wed Apr 19 08:02:00 EDT 2017


my resources are virtual machines. If booting of them is not succesful, i'd like to monitor the boot procedure. To see where/when/why they stop booting.
The vm's are created with qemu and kvm.
Using virtual machine manager to monitor boot procedure is difficult. I don't know on which node the vm is booting, so i have to start it on both nodes, see where the vm is booting, and then attach to the console.

I'm thinking of using vnc. qemu can configure vnc to access the guests, and also watch the boot procedure. But vnc needs an an ip to bind to.
I can't configure the ip from the node, because i don't know on which node the vm is booting. I can't use the ip from the vm because libvirt tries to bind to it immediately after "resource start".
So i need an ip as a resource, which is in a group with the vm in the right order. Having several vm's, i need for each an extra ip libvirt can bind to. Right ?

I just need it to monitor boot procedure, access to vm's after successful start is via rdp, http, ssh ...

Do you have any idea ?



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