[ClusterLabs] SLES 12 SP2 HAE

Cristiano Coltro Cristiano.Coltro at microfocus.com
Wed Apr 5 03:26:07 EDT 2017

Hi all,
I was noticing some behaviour on SLES 12 Sp2 HAE

  1.  Cluster Name
If you go to yast2 > cluster and you change the cluster name, the change is not reflected in /etc/corosync/corosync.conf  that shows the default name "hacluster"

  1.  Expected votes
With a 2 node cluster you have the corosync.conf configured like this for the quorum section:

       provider: corosync_votequorum
        expected_votes: 2
        two_node: 1

and it's correct

If for some reason you redo an "ha-cluster-init"on the same first node  WITHOUT overwriting the corosync.conf and then you perform an "ha-cluster-join" on the second node the corosync.conf changes like this

      provider: corosync_votequorum
        expected_votes: 3
        two_node: 0

                so it seems that cluster do not check the number of nodes but simply add a +1 every join you perform IF you DON'T overwrite the original corosync.conf.

Are 1 & 2 expected behaviour? Any experience on that?


Cristiano Coltro
Premium Support Engineer

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mobile: +39 335 1435589
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