[ClusterLabs] [rgmanager] generic 'initscript' resource agent that passes arguments?

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=> On 29/08/16 13:41 -0400, bergman at merctech.com wrote:
=> > I've got a number of scripts that are based on LSB compliant scripts,
=> > but which also accept arguments & values. For example, a script to manage
=> > multiple virtual machines has a command-line in the form:
=> > 
=> > 	vbox_init --vmname $VMNAME [-d|--debug] [start|stop|status|restart]
=> > 


=> Adapting script.sh to scriptArgs.sh working as desired should not
=> be a hard task, though.  Once you add such custom RA to the system
=> (i.e., across all nodes), supposing you have adapted produced


Will ccs look for resource scripts anywhere other than
"/usr/share/cluster"? Does it use a search path, such as:


or is there a way to specify alternative locations for local resource

I truly hate putting local files in directories that are managed by
external packages -- it will surely be a source of future confusion and
management difficulty.

=> meta-data respectively, you should remember to run "ccs_update_schema"
=> so that any subsequent start of the cluster stack on the node or
=> modification via ccs utility will not fail due to unrecognized RA
=> if present in the to-apply configuration.

Got it.

=> Note that the new agent will not get reflected in luci web UI
=> automatically, you would have to add a support on your own.

No problem, I do most cluster configuration via the command line.



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=> Jan (Poki)

Mark Bergman 

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