[ClusterLabs] Force Unmount - SLES 11 SP4

Jorge Fábregas jorge.fabregas at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 10:58:07 EDT 2016


I have an issue while shutting down one of our clusters.  The unmounting
of an OCFS2 filesystem (ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem) is triggering a node
fence (accordingly).  This is because the script for stopping the
application is not killing all processes using the filesystem.  Is there
a way to "force unmount" the filesystem using pacemaker as it is in SLES
11 SP4?

I searched for something related and found the "force_unmount" parameter
for ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem but it only works in RHEL (apparently it's
a newer OCF version).

It appears I'll have to deal with this out of pacemaker (perhaps thru an
init script using "fuser -k" that would run prior to openais at system

If anyone here using SUSE has a better idea please let me know.


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