[ClusterLabs] best practice fencing with ipmi in 2node-setups / cloneresource/monitor/timeout

Stefan Bauer sb at plzk.de
Tue Sep 20 06:59:44 EDT 2016


i run a 2 node cluster and want to be save in split-brain scenarios. For this i setup external/ipmi to stonith the other node.

Some possible issues jumped to my mind and i would ike to find the best practice solution:

- I have a primitive for each node to stonith. Many documents and guides recommend to never let them run on the host it should fence. I would setup clone resources to avoid dealing with locations that would also influence scoring. Does that make sense?

- Monitoring operation on the stonith primitive is dangerous. I read that if monitor operations fail for the stonith device, stonith action is triggered. I think its not clever to give the cluster the option to fence a node just because it has an issue to monitor a fence device. That should not be a reason to shutdown a node. What is your opinion on this? Can i just set the primitive monitor operation to disabled?

Thank you.


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