[ClusterLabs] Location constraints for fencing resources?

Dan Swartzendruber dswartz at druber.com
Mon Sep 12 10:48:40 EDT 2016

Posting this as a separate thread from my fence_apc one.  As I said in 
that thread, I created two fence_apc agents, one to fence node A and one 
to fence node B.  Each was configured using a static pcmk node mapping, 
and constrained to only run on the other node.  In the process of 
testing this, I discovered a bug (feature?) in the LCMC GUI I am using 
to manage the cluster.  To wit: when I click on a fence object, it never 
seems to fetch the resource constraints (e.g. they show in the GUI as 
"nothing selected"), so if I changes something (say the power_wait 
timeout) and then click "Apply", the location constraints are deleted 
from that fencing resource.  I also noticed that if I connect to port 
2224 (pcsd), regular resources show me the location constraints, whereas 
fence resources don't, which is making me wonder if this is not 
supported?  I'm thinking I can set up a pcmk_host_map to tell it which 
APC outlet manages node A and which manages node B, in which case I can 
just use one fence_apc resource with a dynamic pcmk host list?  Thanks!

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