[ClusterLabs] HAWK screen does not changed immediately

Kimiyoshi Ohno (DesigNET) ohno at designet.co.jp
Sat Sep 10 04:41:23 EDT 2016


I have a question related to the operation of the HAWK.

(1) Login to HAWK.
(2) Click "Status" --> "Status" screen is displayed.
(3) Click "Add Resource" --> "Add Resouce" screen is not displayed.
(4) Wait about 60 seconds. --> "Add Resouce" screen is displayed.

Screen appears after about 60 seconds.
This situation is the same in the following pattern.

"Status" screen -> Other screen
"Dashboard" screen -> Other screen

When I am viewing "Status" screen or "Dashboard" screen,
hawk_monitor process is working on server.
When hawk_monitor has timed out in 60 seconds, the screen has changed.

Is thid correct?

 OSS Lab.
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