[ClusterLabs] Failover IP with Monitoring but not controling the colocated services.

Stefan Schörghofer amd1212 at vier-ringe.at
Mon Sep 5 07:38:45 EDT 2016

Hi List,

I am currently trying to setup the following situation in my lab:

|------------------Cluster IP------------------|
| HAProxy instances     |    HAProxy instances |
| Node 1                |               Node 2 |

Now I've successfully added the Cluster IP resource to pacemaker and
tested the failover which worked perfectly.

After that I wanted to ensure that all HAProxy instances are running on
the Node I want to failover to, so I wrote a ocf-compatible script that
supports all necessary options and added it as resource.
The script works and monitors the HAProxy incances just fine, it also
restarts them if some go down but it also stops the haproxy instances
on the standby Node.

What I want to have is multible Node's where all HAProxy instances are
permanently running, but if something happens on the primary node the
Cluster IP should failover to the other (only if the HAProxy instances
are running there fine).

Is this possible with Pacemake/Corosync? I've read a lot in the
documentation and found something about resource_clones and also a
resource-type that uses Nagios Plugins. Maybe there is a way with using

I tried to setup the clone resource, HAProxy instances where running on
all nodes.
I created a colocation rule for the clone resource and the Cluster IP
and after a manual migration all services where stopped.

Can I maybe work with multible HAProxy resources (one per node) and
setup the colocation rule with "ClusterIP coloc with (haproxy_node1 or
haproxy_node2). Does something like this work?

Thanks for your input.
Best regards,
Stefan Schörghofer

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