[ClusterLabs] When the DC crmd is frozen, cluster decisions are delayed infinitely

Shermal Fernando shermalfe at millenniumit.com
Sat Sep 3 14:42:02 EDT 2016


Currently our system have 99.96% uptime. But our goal is to increase it beyond 99.999%. Now we are studying the reliability/performance/features of pacemaker to replace the existing clustering solution.

While testing pacemaker, I have encountered a problem. If the DC (crm daemon) is frozen by sending the SIGSTOP signal, crmds in other machines never start election to elect a new DC. Therefore fail-overs, resource restartings and other cluster decisions will be delayed until the DC is unfrozen.
Is this the default behavior of pacemaker or is it due to a misconfiguration? Is there any way to avoid this single point of failure?

For the testing, we use Pacemaker 1.1.12 with Corosync 2.3.3 in SLES 12 SP1 operation system.

Shermal Fernando

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