[ClusterLabs] Corosync ring shown faulty between healthy nodes & networks (rrp_mode: passive)

Dimitri Maziuk dmaziuk at bmrb.wisc.edu
Thu Oct 6 12:02:11 EDT 2016

On 10/06/2016 09:26 AM, Klaus Wenninger wrote:

> Usually one - at least me so far - would rather think that having
> the awareness of redundany/cluster as high up as possible in the
> protocol/application-stack would open up possibilities for more
> appropriate reactions.

The obvious counter-example is a hard disk failure: they're common on
commodity spinning rust drives and they're cheap and easy to handle at
lower level by throwing in a 2nd one in mdadm raid-1.

Dimitri Maziuk
BioMagResBank, UW-Madison -- http://www.bmrb.wisc.edu

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