[ClusterLabs] Live migration not working on shutdown

Rainer Nerb rainer.nerb at it-nerb.de
Wed Oct 26 07:12:39 EDT 2016

Hello all,

we're currently testing a 2-node-cluster with 2 vms and live migration  
on CentOS 7.2 and Pacemaker 1.1.13-10 with disks on iSCSI-targets and  
migration via ssh-method.

Live migration works, if we issue "pcs resource move ...", "pcs  
cluster standby", "pcs cluster stop" and even "systemctl rescue".
The latter only worked, after adding the following additional  
dependencies to pacemaker.service and leaving the management of those  
services to systemd:

   *   After/Requires=systemd-machined.service
   *   After/Requires=systemd-machine-id-commit.service
   *   After/Requires=remote-fs.target
   *   After/Requires=libvirtd.service
   *   After/Requires=iscsi.service
   *   After/Requires=iscsid.service
   *   After/Requires=sshd.service
When shutting down or rebooting migration fails and not even the  
regular shutdown of the vms succeeds. Systemd seems to tear down the  
vms by terminating something they depend on.

Is this a known issue? Did we miss any further dependencies?


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