[ClusterLabs] Help to Handling Split brain on Pacemaker

K Aravind ezbi.124 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 01:19:38 EDT 2016

Hi All
I have two few questions regarding  pacemaker's handling of pacemaker
1.Is there a way to notify the clusters upon detection of a split brain on
the network ?
   I would like to take certain actions based on it such as blocking the
DB,logging etc
2.Under Section 5.4 of Pacemaker Explained Document
   Table 5.2. Options for a Primitive Resource
    multiple-active allowed options are block,stop_only and stop_start.
    Are there any other options available ?
    My application takes a long time to stop, start and block is not a
feasible solution either so      does pacemaker offer any other options ?

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