[ClusterLabs] Easy Linux Bonding Question?

Eric Robinson eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Mon Oct 10 16:36:38 EDT 2016

Short version: How many missed arp_intervals does the bonding driver wait before removing the PASSIVE slave from the bond?

Long version: I'm confused about this because I know the passive slave watches for the active slave's arp broadcast as a way of knowing that the passive slave's link is good. However, if the switch to which the active slave is connected fails, then NEITHER the active slave nor the passive slave will see a packet. (The active slave won't get a reply from the target, and the passive slave won't see the active's request.) So how does the bonding driver decide if it should deactivate the passive slave too? I'm assuming it sends it goes active immediately and begins sending its own arp requests to the target, and if it still does not get a response, then it is removed from the bond too, resulting in NO active slaves.

This means that if you have two servers that are looking at each other as arp_targets, you could end up with race conditions where there are no active interfaces at either end. That would be bad. To prevent that, I'm wanting to configure different timeouts at each end, but the downdelay parameter only works with miimon. How do I control the delay with arp_ip_target?

Eric Robinson

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