[ClusterLabs] Can Bonding Cause a Broadcast Storm?

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Tue Nov 15 23:18:04 EST 2016

On 15/11/16 04:25 PM, Eric Robinson wrote:
> If a Linux server with bonded interfaces attached to different switches is rebooted, is it possible that a bridge loop could result for a brief period? We noticed that one of our 100 Linux servers became unresponsive and appears to have rebooted. (The cause has not been determined.) A couple of minutes afterwards, we saw a gigantic spike in traffic on all switches in the network that lasted for about 7 minutes, causing latency and packet loss on the network. Everything was still reachable, but slowly. The condition stopped as soon as the Linux server in question became reachable again.  
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> Eric Robinson

A properly build mode=1 bond will only use one interface or the other,
not both, so it shouldn't cause a storm.

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