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Siwakoti, Ganesh ganesh at agile.ne.jp
Fri Nov 11 04:59:14 EST 2016

Hi Ken Gaillot,

Sorry for late reply and thank you for response me.

i’ve some reason to using -inf rules.

Two resources group with three nodes (2 Active 1 Standby)

When resources group PM1 failed in pm1.local it’ll failover to pm3.local
which is common node can failover both resources group. If PM1 failed again
in pm3.local it’ll return back to own node pm1.local. problem is that in
this situation if PM2 failed in pm 2.local It’ll failover to pm3.local even
PM1 already failing in this node.that’s why I was using -inf rules because
if resource failed once on one node I want to prevent failover any
resources group on  same node.but I don’t know how to define it, so my
configuration of -inf was long, define every resources. Have you any ideas
about it. Thanks in advance.
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