[ClusterLabs] libqb 1.0.1 release

Christine Caulfield ccaulfie at redhat.com
Thu Nov 24 05:42:22 EST 2016

I am very pleased to announce the 1.0.1 release of libqb

This is a bugfix release with mainly lots of small amendments.

Low: ipc_shm: fix superfluous NULL check
log: Don't overwrite valid tags
Low: further avoid magic in qblog.h by using named constants
Low: log: check for appropriate space when serializing a char
Low: sanitize import of <qb/qbarray.h> symbols
Low: sanitize import of <poll.h> symbols
Low: further sanitize qbipc[cs].h public headers wrt. includes
Med: log_thread: logt_wthread_lock is vital for logging thread
Low: unix: new qb_sys_unlink_or_truncate{,_at} helpers
log: Add missing z,j, & t types to the logger
Med: rb: use new qb_rb_close_helper able to resort to file truncating
Low: log: check for appropriate space when serializing a char
API: introduce alternative, header-based versioning
API: header-based versioning: s/PATCH/MICRO
Low: explain mysterious lines in a public header (qblog.h)
tests: refactor test case defs using versatile add_tcase macro
tests: SIGSTOP cannot be caught, blocked, or ignored
defs: add wrappers over preprocessor operators
build: be more restrictive about QB_HAVE_ATTRIBUTE_SECTION
Add some Hurd support
build: use latest git-version-gen from gnulib (rev. 6118065)
build: persuade git-version-gen vMAJOR.MINOR tags just miss .0
tests: ensure verbose output on failure w/ more recent automake
tests: make clang-friendly (avoid using run-time VLAs)
CI: make travis use also clang compiler (for good measure)
low:fixed:Spelling error of failure in qbhdb.h
Fix typo: qblog.h: q{g -> b}_log_filter_ctl
docs: qbdefs.h: description must directly follow @file
maint: qb-blackbox man page should accompany the binary
Build: configure: do not check for unused "sched" functions
Maint: typo + unused functions checked in configure
tests: resources: check for proper names of leftover processes
doc: elaborate more on thread safety as it's not so pure
log: Remove check for HAVE_SCHED_GET_PRIORITY_MAX
tests: start stdlib failures injection effort with unlink{,at} + test
build: ensure check_SCRIPTS are distributed
build: ensure debug make flags are not derived when unsuitable
build: allow for git -> automatic COPR builds integration
doc: README: add a status badge+link for the COPR builds

Huge thanks you to all of the people who have contributed to this release.


The current release tarball is here:

The github repository is here:

Please report bugs and issues in bugzilla:

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