[ClusterLabs] Corosync 2.4.2 is available at corosync.org!

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Mon Nov 7 11:58:59 EST 2016

I am pleased to announce the latest maintenance release of Corosync
2.4.2 available immediately from our website at

This release is mainly because we forgot to bump libvotequorum.so major 
version number in 2.4.0. This is not that big deal because libvotequorum 
isn't used by 3rd party applications (pacemaker, ...). Still makes sense 
to have this issue fixed. Also thanks to Ferenc Wágner for notice.

Complete changelog for 2.4.2:
Christine Caulfield (1):
       man: mention qdevice incompatibilites in votequorum.5

Fabio M. Di Nitto (1):
       [build] Fix build on RHEL7.3 latest

Jan Friesse (3):
       Man: Fix corosync-qdevice-net-certutil link
       Qnetd LMS: Fix two partition use case
       libvotequorum: Bump version

Michael Jones (1):
       cfg: Prevents use of uninitialized buffer

Upgrade is (as usually) highly recommended.

Thanks/congratulations to all people that contributed to achieve this
great milestone.

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