[ClusterLabs] Using pacemaker for manual failover only?

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Tue May 24 01:53:22 EDT 2016

On 23/05/16 03:03 PM, Stephano-Shachter, Dylan wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using pacemaker 1.1.14 with pcs 0.9.149. I have successfully
> configured pacemaker for highly available nfs with drbd. Pacemaker
> allows me to easily failover without interrupting nfs connections. I,
> however, am only interested in failing over manually (currently I use
> "pcs resource move <drbd_rsc> <target_node> --master"). I would like for
> the cluster to do nothing when a node fails unexpectedly.
> Right now the solution I am going with is to run 
> "pcs property set is-managed-default=no"
> until I need to failover, at which point I set is-managed-default=yes,
> then failover, then set it back to no.
> While this method works for me, it can be unpredictable if people run
> move commands at the wrong time.
> Is there a way to disable automatic failover permanently while still
> allowing manual failover (with "pcs resource move" or with something else)?

Setting aside the use-case for this...

Ditch the HA stack, it's an avoidable complexity. Instead, just write a
small shell script that drops the IP, stops nfs, unmounts the FS,
demotes DRBD and the does the reverse on the peer (over ssh).

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