[ClusterLabs] help compiling pacemaker 1.1 on Amazon Linux

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Fri May 6 07:31:46 EDT 2016

On Fri, May 06, 2016 at 11:51:25AM +0100, Jim Rippon wrote:
> Hi guys
> I'm new to the list so apologies if I'm way off base, but I wonder
> if someone can help me please?
> I'm looking to build private RPMs for pacemaker and any dependencies
> for Amazon Linux because I have as yet been unable to get the CentOS
> binaries to install successfully.
> I've got libqb and libqb-devel RPMs built successfully (also not
> available in amazon linux repos) and installed on my build instance,
> but I am getting errors when making pacemaker from tag
> Pacemaker-1.1.14
> I am doing the following:
>  git checkout --force Pacemaker-1.1.14
>  git clean -fdx
>  ./autogen.sh
>  ./configure # with options suggested by autogen.sh
>  make
> I then receive the following errors from lib/common and the make fails:
>  In file included from ../../include/crm_internal.h:33:0,
>  from ipc.c:19:
>  ipc.c: In function 'crm_ipcs_flush_events':
>  ../../include/crm/common/logging.h:140:23: error: format '%d'
> expects argument of type 'int', but argument 10 has type 'ssize_t'
> [-Werror=format=]

That's "just" a format error about ssize_t != int.
See also
where I already fixed this (and other) format errors.

Of course you could also drop the -Werror,
and hope that most of the time, for your platform,
gcc will do something useful still.

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