[ClusterLabs] fence_sanlock and pacemaker

Da Shi Cao dscao999 at hotmail.com
Wed May 18 08:49:28 EDT 2016

Hello everybody,
After some try and error, fence_sanlock can be used as a stonith resource in pacemaker+corosync.
1. Add a "monitor" action, which is exactly the same action as "status".
2. Make "status" action return "false" if a resource belongs to a host is acquired and owned by another host. It returned "true" erroneously since it didn't make a test on the owner id of a resource in version 3.3.0.
3. Make fence_sanlockd try for several times before it failed if the resource for a host is owned by another host. This gives a time window for the resource to be released manually at the other host.

Sometimes a resource of a host get locked permanently by another host if the "off" action failed, often in time out.

Best Regards
Dashi Cao

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