[ClusterLabs] corosync-2.3.5 with ipv6 and multicast

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Wed Mar 30 05:11:34 EDT 2016

> Hi, Honza
>        I want to use corosync-2.3.5 with ipv6 and multicast, and I see
> that I must specify nodeid in nodelist,
> but I also see  nodeid in totem from totemconfig.c. Are they the same?

For given node it's same. Generally it's recommended to use nodelist 
nodeid. It's better simply because you can then copy config file to 
other nodes without changes.

Also if you specify both, warning is logged and nodelist nodeid is used.

> Can I specify the nodeid in totem
> instead of the on in nodelist.

You can but as long as you don't have really good reason (really dynamic 
cluster without knowledge of nodes beforehand) it's better to use node list.


> Thanks
> Bin Liu
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